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I'm excited to be participating in Yuletide this year and I'm up for most of the challenges. If you want to write me smut or drabbles or interactive fiction, I'm up for it. I like angst but I prefer upbeat or canon-typical open endings.

Shippy Stuff

There is a deplorable lack of phone sex, exhibition, voyeurism, and non D/s bondage in my fandoms. I also like wall sex, shower sex, and on-screen angry sex in an established relationship where they shelve their issues and compartmentalize and still have to come back and get un-angry with each other afterwards. For positions, I prefer switching, missionary, riding with girl in lap facing either direction towards the guy or away. I prefer het and love being around for the foreplay if any.

Gen Stuff

I love David and Jonathan or Ruth and Naomi type platonic soulmates, where two cleave together and care for each other and would follow the other anywhere, but preferably where that is not a codependent relationship. I adore partnerships as described in The Unusuals pilot, where they'd do whatever it took for the other, and I love chosen family and close friendships.


Please don't write (DNW) for me:

  • adultery or cheating

  • torture

  • greater than canon-typical levels of violence

  • politics or social justice issues

  • bodily fluids


(avail. on Hulu)
Any character

I love everyone in this show. Not actually true. I hate Elias, I dislike Liam, and O'Conner is scum. I'm not that fond of Nathalie and I NOTP her with Ryan Booth. That said, I'd rather no bashing in the fic, just please avoid.

I love that all of these characters are complex individuals with a lot of different motivations and backstories and their own reasons for doing things, their own secrets, that aren't necessarily tied to the big terrorist attack. I'd love to see more of their lives at Quantico or as newly minted agents or before everything without seeing anyone guilty or proven guilty.

Simon Asher fascinates me and I love his relationship with Raina. I also headcanon at this point that he says he's not gay because he's bi, but I don't entirely care because I just love him with those sisters. I'd love to see more of what makes him tick, his habits that might be innocent if false, and maybe some of what those secrets might be hiding. I absolutely love that he's like "good luck or sorry" when someone wants to see inside his head because he's right that it's a tough, tough thing to do if not outright impossible. I would especially love to see more of his relationships with either or both sisters, the one he annoys, Nimah, or the one who likes him, Raina. I wouldn't mind more of him interacting with Alex, Shelby, or Ryan either.

I don't want it to be Shelby Wyatt because I love her. It might be, but please ignore that? I want to see more of her friendship with Alex or total shipfic or frenemy fic with Caleb. I love seeing her competent and would love if her great shooting skill could show up too. I adore her and Alex together and the little girl talk moments and her genuine concern and I can't help it. I truly ship her with Caleb. To quote, "I can't stop looking."

Alex is wonderful if occasionally annoying and teacher's pet. She's like the usual super special guy protagonist just all woman with feelings that don't stop her from being strong. I'd love shippy stuff with her and Ryan and smut would be absolutely awesome. I'd love friendship fic with her and Shelby. I'd love casefic as an agent. I'd love to see her interact with her mom.

Raina and Nimah are gloriously wonderful to me. I am a sister and I love their relationship, fraught but close. Backstory would be awesome. A story about their relationship now on the show or their assignment down the line or living like one person or their different takes on the rest of the NATs or what it's like to become one person or the recruitment story with Miranda are all on my want it lists. Also Simon. See above.

Miranda is a woman who rose to power in a man's law enforcement world and I would love to see more of her getting there and saving Liam from washing out and/or her relationship with Alex's parents and Liam and the backstory there. I would rather not have fic about her son. I like her with the recruits and scheming harder training and implementing it. I loved her relationship with the twins and would love more.

Ryan is the kind of guy I'd love reading more about in the military, as regards his family, as an FBI agent on active duty, or shippy wonderfulness or smut with Alex. Please no Nathalie with him.

Nathalie has an interesting dynamic with the other women on the team. I'd love to see her being competitive with them and I absolutely love watching her rivalry with Raina and Nimah, but especially Raina. Please no Ryan/Nathalie.

Jane the Virgin

Rogelio de la Vega, Jane Villanueva, Petra Solano, Michael Cordero Jr.

I adore this show! I didn't expect to love it so much when I tried it on a whim right before Yuletide last year, but I made a note to request it next year, and next year is now here.

I seriously NOTP Rafael/Jane and sometimes I stop liking him as a character, when he's trying to be suave. Please don't give him a big role or focus.

I do ship Jane/Michael and Xiomara/Rogelio something fierce and I love the bromance of Michael and Rogelio.

So I guess it makes sense to start with Michael. He can certainly stick his foot in it, but I seem to like him anyway (when he's not in the middle of sticking his foot in it – can we just pretend he never, ever told Jane what she was really thinking and feeling?). He and Jane just fit and he actually does help Rafael even when he doesn't want to because when all is said and done, he's Team Jane just like Rogelio is.

That said, I'd love shipfic from their dating or futurefic being a family and Rafael not being excluded but not being a focus either or you know, first sex at last! Michael meeting the family and figuring out his place with them before the engagement and precanon. Michael and Jane being cute friends together if you don't ship them. I would adore if you include epic friendship fic with Michael and Rogelio. I love them getting manis and pedis together and guy talking and dishing advice both directions and being real friends capable of telling the other to hashtag move on. I want it all.

And Rogelio! I love his relationship with Xo and I'd love them being all cute and married or dating together, especially when they're acting a little more like adults with their problems. I love the drama, but I like them when they're not breaking up or on the verge of it. And Papa Rogelio being all grandfatherly! I love the idea of seeing him with Mateo and Alba and Jane and the guys taking care of the family and his insecurities about it but enthusiasm too. I'd love however you work him in.

I do still ship Petra/Rafael, despite all problems, and that flashback to their first pregnancy together was actually sweet. I would love to read shipfic for them of that previous period when their relationship was either healthy or at least a good marriage. I'd love to see some of the story behind those flashbacks and see the good parts and the fluffy stuff. Please none of the cheating part. I like when they're all manipulative and calculating together and wouldn't even mind seeing them being that way against each other if they're both aware of it and together anyway. I like their screwed up, messed up, but love each other and stuck with each other anyway dynamic just as much as the fluffy stuff.

I'd love to see more of Petra surviving and getting by on her own, if Rafael isn't your cup of tea, and how she took care of the household of her and her mom and she got a man when she needed one and got rid of a man when she needed to and took care of business. Please background the mom though if you include her.

The Unusuals

(avail. on DailyMotion)
Any character

This one-season show was perfection, as far as I'm concerned, and it's criminal that there isn't more of it. It was quirky and fun and every single character made me care about them. I would love to have more of it type fic but I'd also love to have more digging into the past, whether that's prompted by a current case or just precanon fic.

I ship canonical pairings heavily and would absolutely love anything from business as usual on the show to total PWP that incorporates their characterization on the show, like Casey's hair-pulling or Beaumont's apparently not idle threats.

I love the partnership of Walsh and Shraeger and would adore seeing them hit the street on a case or more funny scenes about their friendship, advice-giving, and partnership between the lines of the show. I like how they take care of each other and watch each other's backs and are real partners.

I personally think that when Allison said she ran away for six days and never apologized that it was when she found out she was adopted, something she apparently doesn't like to talk about. I'd love to see her interacting with her family or precanon fic about that time or at any point introducing Jason to the family.

I would love to see more about Jason's family and history, before baseball or when getting into the force. Why did his mom dress him like a girl until he was six? Did he get in trouble for skipping class to play baseball? How did he end up renting the diner?

And I would love shippy goodness between him and Beaumont. Were they the couple who used the handcuffs for non-police business? How did they get together? Did he waffle over it for a while because his girlfriend that died? Who started that?

I also love Casey and Davis and would love to see a closer look at their relationship. She was so cute when she said there had to be rules. What other rules do they develop along the way? Are they exclusive now? Can I see some of that hair-pulling or other shippy, smutty stuff? I'd love to see them working out their differences and habits and routines and compromises, and I'd love to see both ships and the partnership together in one fic, if you're feeling ambitious.

Bourne Movies

Aaron Cross, Marta Shearing

Aaron Cross struck me as a bit of a jerk at first, but as his fear decreased, he became more considerate and caring and I liked him a whole lot better. I'd love to see more of him becoming Aaron Cross. Jason Bourne had lost his memories but retained his competence. Aaron never did lose his memories, and he remembered being told what it would be like to be regressed.

I'd love to see him going through the whole transition and becoming clearer as he went along, understanding more as his IQ went up, and how the behavioral changes from the drugs affected him in his "thirteen visits" with Doctor Marta Shearing. I'd love to see how he sees her during that time and grows more curious and just watching the whole change as he acquires new skills.

I'd also be open to unabashed smut and shippiness with Marta afterward. They respected each other as they went along, and by the end, they were close regardless of their rough start.

Marta seemed to have a lot of struggle in her past with the boyfriend she broke up with, with throwing herself into her work and blinding herself to what it meant, with the family she didn't get to see. I'd love to see more into her head and what made her tick and what happened with her and so much shipping potential here.
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