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Shippy Stuff

There is a deplorable lack of phone sex*, exhibition, voyeurism, and non D/s bondage in my fandoms. I also like wall sex, shower sex, and on-screen angry sex in an established relationship where they shelve their issues and compartmentalize and still have to come back and get un-angry with each other afterwards. For positions, I prefer switching, missionary, riding with girl in lap facing either direction towards the guy or away. I prefer het and love being around for the foreplay if any.

*in phone-applicable fandoms

Gen Stuff

I love David and Jonathan or Ruth and Naomi type platonic soulmates, where two cleave together and care for each other and would follow the other anywhere, but preferably where that is not a codependent relationship. I adore partnerships as described in The Unusuals pilot, where they'd do whatever it took for the other, and I love chosen family and close friendships.


Please don't write (DNW) for me:

  • adultery or cheating

  • torture

  • greater than canon-typical levels of violence

  • politics or social justice issues

  • bodily fluids

Queen's Thief

Eddis & Attolia, Eddis & Eugenides, Attolia/Eugenides

I love how Eddis is around Irene and Gen and how frank they are with each other. I would love any kind of friendship, connection, or relationship study fic, and I love those quieter moments of interaction privately vs. the external negotiating and front they all put on for everyone else. I would love to see that kind of contrast for any or all of these relationships.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Toph Beifong and the Badger Moles, Zuko & the Dragons, Iroh & Zuko, Lin Beifong & Toph Beifong, Mai/Zuko, Sokka/Suki, Sokka/Ty Lee, Toph Beifong & Iroh

There's a theme here: my favorite character on this show is Toph. I cannot help it. That said, if we matched on a ship that excludes her, please know I really do want to read that fic! Though I do wish someone had nommed Toph & Zuko too. No, really. I will love anything you write that matches one of these requests.


I love this little ball of vulnerability and total confidence that is Toph. She's sensitive in little ways while being genuine about not needing approval. I love that the show reminds us every so often that she really is a kid and that she needs family.

That said, I would love to see the comfort/friendship she receives from the badger moles or training under them. I love training montages and digging into the nitty gritty of learning bending and learning to "see" the way she does.

I would love to see what happens when she can't "see" because she's on those surfaces with no earth, like the ice sequence or on sand or... you get the idea. I'd love to get in her head on the earthbending thing and "see" the way she does in a fic.

Having Lin is an experience I'd love to get a look at, seeing her older (wonder how her way of sensing things translates in bed? ahem, aged up of course), and having it not work out with Lin's father and freaking out whether she'll be a good mother and trying so hard.

Family matters to her, and for all Lin couldn't figure out how to make Toph happy, I think it's obvious Toph just wanted her kids to be happy. I'd love to see her working with that relationship, maybe seeking help/advice/friendship from Katara about it, or Iroh. She loved Iroh and sought him for wisdom as a kid, and I think she'd find him a safe one to turn to later.

Alternatively, I'd love if she finally did get that life-changing field trip with Zuko she wanted. I mean, she was the one who first reached out to him and wanted him on board, and he could totally commiserate on the family issues, especially feeling unwanted for being themselves.


Zuko is perhaps my second-favorite character and I love his father-son relationship with Iroh. I'd love to see more of how Iroh began to fill that role after Ursa wasn't there anymore in the growing up years, becoming a mentor, and working with how difficult Zuko was, despite all the good reasons for that. I'd also love to see more between ATLA and LOK while Iroh was still alive. I'd like to think Iroh did quite a bit of mentoring for Zuko as he became firelord and learned the hands-on bit of ruling his kingdom, for all he was trained beforehand in the generals.

I'd love to see more about him and the dragons as 1) dragons fascinate me and 2) he went from discovering they existed to riding one as firelord. How did that come about? How about a dragon-eyed view of them judging him worthy and or coming back out of hiding because of him. I want so much more on this topic. Whatever you could give me.

My number one ship for this show is Zuko/Mai. I would love more from either of their perspectives, growing up, starting their relationship proper, getting married, raising Izumi. Their relationships with any of their kids and grandkids (I'm rather fond of General Iroh as well). Some of their arguments and making up. Total domestic fluff or reflections on rulership. Unabashed smut that's in character and doesn't include domination-submission.


I would love, love, love to see Ty Lee teasing Sokka the way she does after joining the Kyoshi Warriors, and I just love Suki and her way with Sokka on-screen throughout canon. She's strong and fun and feminine and wants to take care of him and snuck into his tent at night and I'd love to see them post-canon.

Avatar: Legend of Korra

Lin Beifong & Suyin Beifong & Toph Beifong, Korra/Mako, Korra/Mako/Asami Sato, Lin Beifong & Toph Beifong, Mako/Asami Sato, Suyin Beifong & Kuvira


Please see above section under Toph. I want to see so much more about how these ladies related to each other growing up and just see family, caring and important and significant, even when it's fraught. I'd love to see their love for each other, even when it falls short. I'd love to see Lin's protectiveness of Toph, while she blames Suyin, even while she has difficulty with Toph because of her decision to protect Suyin.

I'd love to see Kuvira growing up with Suyin, taken in as an orphan, and how she fit into the family precanon. I would LOVE seeing dancing and metal-bending training.

Speaking of metal-bending training, both Lin and Suyin were good, but Toph felt they never picked it up as well as she'd hoped. Can I see metal-bending training with them?

Obviously, I don't need all of these, but I'd love any of them. Please no Kuvira post-canon unless its reconciliation fic. Okay, Kuvira post-canon would be wonderful. I do think they handled her motivations well. She's willing to sacrifice her affections and family for "the greater good" and do things that aren't "good" because she felt she was doing good. I wouldn't mind seeing her and Suyin growing apart and continuing to communicate for a while about some of those actions as Kuvira justifies becoming more and more tyrannical.


Okay, I know the endgame is everyone's favorite, which is actually why I'm not asking for it. There is a ton of great fic for it. I mainlined the entire series in less than a month, and noticed that all three get along famously when it's all three. They care too much about the other two for Mako with either one to not provoke some jealousy, especially because of his awkwardness and desire to not hurt anyone even when he needs to because it will hurt less, and then Korra and Mako both continue to put their idea of duty and responsibility ahead of people relationships, which is a great trait when it doesn't conflict. It does conflict.

I cannot tell you how much I want to see all three of them in a relationship because it works, and Asami has always been good at smoothing out the rough patches brings balance to it and I'd just love it. I'd love to see them working together and making it work and smutty threesome is also good?

I also wanted more of the shippy fun of the relationships in canon because while it was good, it was good, so if you're up for writing in-between-the-scenes Asami/Mako or Korra/Mako, please I want to see it.

I'd especially love first times fic.

Chang Ge Xing | Song of the Long March

Li Chang Ge & Mujin, Li Chang Ge & Situ Langlang, Li Chang Ge/Ashina Sun, Li Chang Ge/Situ Langlang, Luo Shi Ba/Situ Langlang, Luo Shi Ba/Xu Feng, Mujin & Ashina Sun, Li Chang Ge & Mimi

Something stuck the idea of Chang Ge and Situ Langlang in my head, and I'd adore seeing her train under him whether that was gen or shippy. I love her relationship with Ashina and Mimi and Mujin for that matter and would love to see more of what's in canon, more scenes developing friendship or relationship or complicated potential marriage with Ashina. I would love to see one of them "come" to the other if they ever needed to, as they promised they could when they were in the city together. Luo ShiBa and Xu Feng have a delightful way of playing off each other, especially when ShiBa was guarding the door. I'd love to see more of that, maybe see them in a shippy relationship.

Bourne Movies

Aaron Cross/Marta Shearing, Jason Bourne/Nicky Parsons, Jason Bourne/Marie Kreutz, Eric Byer & Aaron Cross, Pamela Landy & Nicky Parsons

Length of prompts is not indicative of favorites. I copy/pasted a huge chunk from a previous letter.


Aaron Cross struck me as a bit of a jerk at first, but as his fear decreased, he became more considerate and caring and I liked him a whole lot better. I'd love to see more of him becoming Aaron Cross. Jason Bourne had lost his memories but retained his competence. Aaron never did lose his memories, and he remembered being told what it would be like to be regressed.

I'd love to see him going through the whole transition and becoming clearer as he went along, understanding more as his IQ went up, and how the behavioral changes from the drugs affected him in his "thirteen visits" with Doctor Marta Shearing. I'd love to see how he sees her during that time and grows more curious and just watching the whole change as he acquires new skills.

In the movie, I get the sense of real history between Eric and Aaron, even though it's only hinted at and shown in the one scene. But when he sees it's Aaron the first time, Eric's reaction seemed more personally regretful than with the program in general. His memory and reactions just keep making me think they were either friends once upon a time or he felt responsible for Aaron in some way, and I would love to see that explored somehow.

I'd also be open to unabashed smut and shippiness with Marta afterward. They respected each other as they went along, and by the end, they were close regardless of their rough start.

Marta seemed to have a lot of struggle in her past with the boyfriend she broke up with, with throwing herself into her work and blinding herself to what it meant, with the family she didn't get to see. I'd love to see more into her head and what made her tick and what happened with her and so much shipping potential here.


I liked him with both Marie and Nicky. I liked the history you could feel with both of them. I like thinking about all the stuff in between the cracks. I'd love to see Nicky/Jason pre-canon or post-canon and I would love to see Marie and Jason in between the first two movies.

I would love to see Jason and Maria in a geographical setting you know well and feel the environment through their eyes. They were both canonically wanderers and travelers before canon and getting together, and I'd love to see their take on the places they visit and stay in.

I'd love insomnia/nightmares hurt/comfort and working through figuring out his memory with Marie or Nicky post-canon. I'd love to see respect for the Marie relationship even if you write him with Nicky instead.

Please don't write Nicky as a program participant/former asset.


I love her because she does what needs to be done and believes in doing what's right and I hate that she's getting thrown under the bus, and I just want to see her come out on top of that. I'd love to see her and Nicky when they meet or afterward, considering how they both got tangled up a little in helping Jason. I'd love to see a friendship, long-distance or otherwise, in between movies 2 and 3.


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